Rules & Regulation


Student must have come to the college in proper uniform. Student should keep always their Identity card within College campus. Always keep silence within the campus. Found addicted with Alcohol or any other drugs he will be expelled from the college. Campus is strictly prohibited any kind of drug, Alcohol. Drinking, Beetlenut, Pan-Supari, Gutka,Bidi, Cigarette etc. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Student must maintain discipline of the college. Minimum 75% attendance is a must. Mobile Phones are not allowed inside the campus. Using any kind of narcotic and alcoholic substances will be considered as an offence leading to expulsion. Decision on the college authority shall be find in case any dispute. Hostels boarder must be ,maintained the all rules and regulation framed by the authority. Student should make habit themselves to look into Notice Board regularly. Student must take interest all types of cultural, sporting, athletic, literature, and co-curricular activities other than regular study. Student must attend all type of seminar, workshop, talk, meeting held in time to time in the college.